Philo Lamb

Philo is one of the most talented, humble, and generous musical souls around. She and "Eddie" have been real friends...for a real long time. She is a powerful vocalist in her own right, but is equally at home providing background vocals. In addition, she loves all instruments (no, really) and can be found playing piano, organ, and various percussion during a Philo and Eddie performance.


Michael "Eddie" Seals

Eddie has been a longtime musical talent on the Boise music scene, but this is the first time he has worked as a duo. He says "the opportunity to work with Philo was just something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I figured it's now, or (maybe) never. So I jumped at the chance to work with her". Eddie sings and plays guitar. That's it. (I know, kind of boring compared to Philo who plays more instruments). He loves many different artists and appreciates a good song, no matter when it was written or performed.

Philo and Eddie Productions (2021)
Please contact us if interested in booking Philo and Eddie for a performance

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